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Network Assistant was designed to facilitate communication and file sharing
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Network Assistant is a communication tool especially designed for small offices or companies to facilitate communication and file sharing amongst employees or colleagues, using the local network of the office.

The application presents five main sections that will fulfill the main purposes it was designed for. Therefore, in the "Users" section you will be able to view the contacts you have in your list and you can organize them as groups. You can also delete or add new groups.

The "Chat" section will allow you to join different channels where you can share ideas with your colleagues or friends. There are some chat commands you can use to communicate your ideas quickly and efficiently. For example, the "/nick" command will automatically change the nickname you are using on the respective channel.

The "Whiteboard" is designed to help you and your colleagues solve problems and explain new concepts in an interactive manner using drawings or texts, while the "Message Board" will allow you to post important messages that can be read by all the users. You can choose the period of time you want the message to be available, while the "Priority" field allows you to set the priority of your message to normal or high.

The last section called "Event log" will show information about your activity on Network Assistant, displaying the time and date when the respective activity was performed.

All in all, Network Assistant can be an efficient communication tool for employees working in small offices who need to share ideas and files quickly. Because Network Assistant was designed to work on local networks, Internet connection is not necessary.

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  • Internet connection is not necessary
  • The possibility to use the message board for important messages that anyone in the company can see
  • Easy-to-use menu


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